Jennifer Nelson

Re-Elect Jennifer Nelson for City Council District 4

Beautiful Cape Coral Florida


Cape Coral is the place that I call home and raise my daughter. I love our city of Cape Coral. We are at a critical juncture and the decisions our next City Council makes related to how we grow will determine the type of city we become. The major issues we face require collaborative leaders with experience in problem solving and creating positive outcomes.

Our City of Cape Coral is a vibrant and growing city with a tremendous future ahead, but we have real work to do that builds up working and middle-class families.

As your City Council, my continued commitment is to work for a broad-based economic prosperity that works for every neighborhood, every small business, and every resident in our great community.

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Be sure to get out there and vote on August 23, 2022.  Every vote counts and we all want to live in a Cape Coral we can be proud of.  Re-Elect Jenn Nelson for city council.

Together we can make a difference SWFL. Please visit my contact page with any questions or comments you may have for Jenn about Cape Coral.

We are always taking donations and every little bit helps.  Everything goes directly to the campaign for the improvement of Cape Coral.

“I’m abundantly grateful  to all of you who have given me the privilege of serving the great residents of Cape Coral. To the many who’ve collaborated with me to accomplish so much over these last five years, thank you for your dedication to our city we love.


Much work remains in growing Cape Coral forward.  My passion and commitment as a city council member is to assure that Cape Coral remains safe, fair, equitable, environmentally healthy, diverse, and a loving place where we all want it to be.

I am asking for your trust and vote as I’ve decided to run for another term for Cape Coral City Council – District 4.  I look forward to making responsible progress in one of the fastest growing cities in the country.  If given the opportunity, these next four years will be critical for council to take our city to a level that prepares Cape Coral for the historic growth we’ve encountered the last few years.  I believe that city growth is positive and exciting.  I remain focused on keeping a Cape Coral that welcomes families, seniors, tourists, and businesses.  I will continue serving the needs of our communities first.”

Jennifer has been an outspoken advocate for policies promoting clean water, equitable and diverse communities, safe complete streets, and an open, transparent, responsive government.  Jenn remains passionate about offering new ways for her constituents to be informed & involved in city government.


Jennifer’s (City Council) highlights & latest accomplishments
  • Supports all grants for police and training center.
  • Supports the completion of Seven Island.
  • Jennifer is committed to the concept of a strategic growth plan in Cape Coral.
  • Jennifer is committed to more green space and developing old golf course.
  • Championed fertilizer programs for the protection of water.
  • Currently working on developing a new ordinance that would include utilizing several waste vendors.
Jennifer Nelson serves on the following boards & committees;
  • Cape Coral Housing committee.
  • Chairman of the Lee County Affordable Housing.
  • Cape Coral Homeless task force.
  • United Way government representative
  • Oasis Charter School Governing Board 2017-2019
  • National League Asian Pacific Island-a Committee
  • Jennifer is a strong supporter our first responders. Consecutively votes for all salary increases and excellent healthcare benefits.
  • Pace Center for Girls